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John Nack on Adobe

  • I’ve Got My Ticket For the Long Way ‘Round…
    From discovering Adobe my first week in college & sending away $10 for an ATM Light floppy disk, to teaching Photoshop in college & starting a Web design career, to joining the company itself in 2000, I’ve had a very special relationship with this place. It has enabled & enlivened my creativity on so many […]

  • The Blog Is Dead. Long Live the Blog!
    (No, this isn’t quite my last post here. I think I’ve got one more left in me.) I’m so pleased that many folks have asked that I keep blogging after leaving Adobe. I’ve therefore set up an embryonic new blog at—wait for it— Yes, the design is a work in progress! (Tips & WordPress expertise […]

  • A few of my favorite posts
    Non-exhaustive, if perhaps exhausting, here’s a list of some posts that I think have held up: The Secret Life of Smart Filters explains why PS doesn’t feature filters inside adjustment layers (we tried!). The follow-on post, Simplicity vs. Power in Photoshop, is a little more conceptual, but I still like it. In Photoshop, as seen through Johnny […]

  • Come to ADIM 2014
    If not for this man & this conference, I wouldn’t be here today. In 2002 Adobe was poised to lay me off. I’d poured 12 hours per day for two years into LiveMotion, but it just wasn’t gonna succeed, and the project was canceled. We were given 30 days to find something new, and my attempts […]

  • You wanted Photoshop faster, more efficient? You got it.
    “What if all we did was make apps faster?” I asked a few weeks back. I’m pleased to say that the latest update to Photoshop CC makes the app faster in two notable ways: Sharpen images 5 to 20 times faster. Make PSDs far lighter weight. In the first case, an absolutely fundamental capability of […]